Demilitarization (Demil)

Explosive Waste Incinerator (EWI) Demil: Explosive Waste Incinerator (EWI)
Microwave Meltout Conventional Weapons: Microwave Meltout
Explosives Recycling Conventional Weapons: Explosives Recycling
Chemical Weapons Chemical Weapons

Thermal Demil/Disposal

EDE offers a full range of thermal disposal methods for demilitarization (demil). For more information on thermal disposal options click here.

Demil and Recycle/Reuse Products

EDE has designed equipment and processes for demilitarization (demil) of most types of munitions worldwide including:

Other processes range from simple unpack and pull-apart operations, to more complex disassembly approaches such as defusing, baseplate removal, waterjet cutting, and submunition extraction.


EDE has emphasized processes that allow recovery of valuable components and materials such as explosives, propellant, white phosphorus, and metals.

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