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EDE has released information on its recent project, the controls modernization for the Watervliet Gymnasticator. The updated system made the process 18x faster and all test results are saved in an SQL data server. Read the whole report here:

Controls Modernization - Watervliet Gymnasticator
Watervliet Marketing Page for Website Up[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [421.1 KB]

System Integration

EDE provides equipment automation analysis and state of the art automated controls for both individual clients and in support of our in-house designs.


EDE can provide custom end-of-arm tooling and robotic design for operations which are best served by robotic accuracy, repeatability, and dependability or by "taking the man out of the hazard." EDE specializes in selection of the best robotic technology for the application.

Instrumentation Design

EDE provides process instrumentation design for "one-of-a-kind" measurements as well as plant-wide instrument systems. Safety Instrumented System (SIS) can be provided as required by the application (e.g., burner controls).

Hazardous Locations

EDE has global experience in the design of electrical equipment for hazardous locations using both U.S. and European standards.

Custom Control Panels

EDE can provide custom control panel design and/or fabrication for equipment ranging from simple pump controls to complex control equipment.

Data Acquisition

EDE conducts on-site, high speed data acquisition, and measures explosive blast effects on structures (pressure, strain, thermal) and free field.

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