Air Modeling

EDE has performed all types of air modeling for Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, and RCRA Part B & Subpart X requirements.  Besides using public and EPA models, EDE has developed and validated a proprietary air dispersion model, the Products of Combustion/Atmospheric Dispersion (PCAD) computer model.  For the development of this model, EDE received the national Tibbets Award and was featured by the U.S. Navy in their compilation of SBIR success storiesThe PCAD model combines combustion, plume rise, and dispersion algorithms for unconfined combustion events into a single program that has been validated by real world testing.  This model is ideal for understanding open burning or open detonation of explosives and propellants, rocket motor firings, or accidental fires. 

EDE has provided modeling services for NASA's Space Shuttle Booster, disposal of Pershing missile motors under the INF Treaty, as well as numerous RCRA subpart X permits and risk assessments for human health and environmental impact.  EDE has also modeled air emissions from accidental spills/fires and processes involving hazardous chemicals.

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