Transportable Flashing Furnace (TFF)
Transportable Flashing Furnace (TFF)

Transportable Flashing Furnace (TFF)

Operations involving UXO clearance, remediation of explosive processing buildings, or handling military test range target debris, often produce metal parts with explosive contamination. This material, known as 3X, is closely controlled and cannot be released directly to the public. EDE's flashing furnace thermally decontaminates these materials to 5X level so they can be sent to metal recyclers. Up to 10,000 pounds of contaminated metal can be flashed per hour. The furnace can be installed in a fixed location, or can be trailer mounted for field applications such as UXO operations or remedial actions. When flashing contaminated metals, furnace emmissions--even without expensive pollution control devices--are typically below the de minimis levels established by most states, and operations require no permits. 

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