Conventional Weapons

As designers of one-of-a-kind machines for demilitarization, EDE is familiar with conventional munitions from around the world. We have worked with all-up rounds cartridges, ICMs, projectiles, rocket motors, propelling charges, small arms, medium calibers, CADS/PADS/fuzes, bombs, grenades, mortars, smoke, riot control agents, land/sea mines, torpedoes, and many others.

Explosive Recycling (DIHMES)

EDE has designed and implemented an automated induction heating system to melt out TNT based explosives. This is a cleaner, quicker, energy efficient way to recycle explosives compared to the common autoclave technology. This research and development project resulted in a successful demonstration at Hawthorne Army Ammunition Plant providing the necessary knowledge and experience to allow this technology to be scaled and fielded for appropriate types of munitions.

Magnesium Recovery

Designed and fabricated a demil plant, MRPP (Magnesium Recycle and Recovery Plant) to recover magnesium from absolute military illuminating flares for reuse. Designed to handle multiple candle sizes with minimal retool time.

Microwave Melt Out

EDE has developed a state of the art system to recover explosives from bombs by applying microwave energy. The system, designed to melt tritonal from 750 lb Air Force bombs, includes extensive safety features such as thermal imaging and closed loop control. The microwave process is significantly more energy efficient than standard steam-out/melt-out processes, and results in cleaner, higher value explosives.

Automated Disassembly Equipment

EDE provides standard or one-of-a-kind machines to disassemble munitions for maintenance, upgrades, or demilitarization and disposal. Also, where explosive charges must be exposed prior to material recovery of thermal treatment, EDE provides equipment to shear, punch, cut, saw, or break apart munitions of all configurations.

White Phosphorus

EDE personnel were integral to the development and fielding of a system to convert white phosphorous to commercial grade phosphoric acid. This process currently installed at Crane Naval Weapons Center, is an U.S. Army success story.

Explosives as Fuels

One possible use of waste explosives and propellants is as boiler cofuels. EDE designed and fabricated a transportable skid for providing an explosive/fuel slurry to a military boiler. The concept was successfully tested with all solvation blending, and pumping operations functioning nominally.

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